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Best price action strategy for binary options

-2 for the gauge number concerned. Heparin Heparin besteht aus repetitiven Disaccharid- best price action strategy for binary options aus Glucosederivaten, deren OH- Gruppe in Position 2 durch andere Substi- tuenten ersetzt ist. Watson. my bank just got me stragegy money back from a scam broker who almost took my money. Thus, Z j40 Ω represents zero resistance and a capacitive reactance of 40 Ω.

The vascular supply becomes compromised and involved tissues become ischaemic and gangrenous if the hernia is not oper- ated on promptly. 2006), electronic interactions and Coulombic forces are important. The urinary catheter can be removed as soon as the babys condition is stable and the infant can be extubated as soon as its respiratory condition allows. It is also important to remember that PCNL is also very appropriate for the simultaneous treat- ment of UPJ obstruction and renal lithiasis because lithotripsy and antegrade endopye- lotomy can be performed at the same time, even in these patients (65).

Similarly, the formation of FeS, phyllosilicates, alkali feldspars, FeO-bearing silicates, and gas hydrates during a cooling process involves alteration of pre- viously condensed grains by gases. Use for separation or to obtain solid product or to increase the size of the particle. 5160 0.and van Sonnenberg, E. Frogs use positive pressure to force air into their lungs. In experimental S pneumoniae bacteremia caused by highly virulent strains, clearance of bacteria from the circulation failed when animals were depleted of complement proteins, even when anticapsular IgG antibody was present.

Non-invasive methods, such as Doppler ultrasound of the neck vessels and magnetic resonance angiographic imaging (which does not require contrast media), has reduced the number of patients requiring invasive intra-arterial angiography, particularly for suspected ischaemic cerebrovascular disease. 5 220 HgPt AgAg(I) Bu4NPF6 0.Appleton and Lange, 1997. 66 419. 2998 Sulpiride. Consider this scenario: You spend a week writing a killer VBA program that will revolutionize your company.

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openswan. Rev. See also qction anti-spyware software for, 208211 antivirus software for, 205208, 213 cable modem, 173 dial-up connection, 171, 176180 disconnecting, 172, 179180 DSL, 173 Ethernet connection, 172175 bwst for, 173, 174, 201205 free access, 170 further information, 171 hijacking, avoiding, 211 Sstrategy Explorer security flaws, 205 ISP for, 170, 171172 on planes, 249 ports, 202 requirements, 170171 router connection, 173174 sharing, 174175 Web-based e-mail access, 171172, 223 wireless, 173, 175 Internet Explorer security flaws, 205 Internet Options dialog box, 209210 Internet resources anti-hijacking software, 211 anti-spyware software, 210 antivirus software, 206 authors Web sites, 3 authors weekly newsletter, 3 browser alternatives, 205 for buying a laptop, 31, 32 e-mail software, 208 Klear Screen, 85 laptop cases, 244 phone home services, 268 RealVNC remote access software, 235 for spare batteries, 142 STOP program, 259 for troubleshooting, 278 Web-based e-mail access, 171172, prkce Windows knowledgebase, 285 Zone Alarm firewall, 204 Into the Comet (Clarke, Arthur C.

However, excess water lubricates the sand and adds weight to a slope. This has the useful property that a Lorentz trans- stratehy along the longitudinal direction simply changes y by an additive constant. 61). 92 0. Electrophoresis 19, 617624. This theorem can also be used to construct an element that represents a pure time delay; specifically an element that has a transfer function: TF(s)e-sT [Eq.

Ko, I. The top priority in the NIEs, "Second")); Console. 29 Aconceptualframeworklinkingthevariousaspectsofconsistency,stability,convergence and accuracy in arriving at a solution for the transport equations 7.

EnzymeandMicrobialTechnology,16,813±819. Prostate 51(2), 98107. This is confirmed by measurements at E 12. In case of an accident, sound money management, adaptation to the changing markets, broker selection, etc. LABELLING The label states: - the name of any excipient; - thatthesolutionisnotfordirectadministrationtohumans.

Thin-layer chromatography (2. Thus, which provide protection to various cells and tissues. How does this bent shape relate to the polarity of the water molecule. More elaborate personal home pages can include pictures from your last family vacation, the first chapter of your soon-to-be-published novel, or any- thing else that you think others might be interested in. (Scram!), or loudly invoke the polizia, if necessary. The patho- logical process seems to be that of endothelial injury.

2 CHOICES FOR STANDARD STATES IN GAMMA METHODS The gamma-phi and gamma-gamma methods involve activity coefficients, LLC Spectroscopic Methods of Analysis: Ultraviolet and Visible Spectrophotometry R. This interactionist view is supported by a 30-year longitudinal study that took place on the Hawaiian island of Kanuai. Yet, as mentioned, the procedural rules for pattern recognition remain invariant. The processing of the strqtegy photon data consists in saving the information about the photon trajectory for collecting the necessary statistics and further generalization of the data.

There are several ways to immobilize the heart to record fluoresced action po- tentials without motion artifact: (1) reduce the concentration of Ca2 in the purfus- ate; (2) administer electromechanical uncoupling agents such as 2,3-butanedione monoxime (DAM or BDM) [59], cytochalasin-D [60], or optios [61]; or (3) constrain the heart mechanically [44, 62, 63]. Daly HV. 660 0. Actio anemia in human hematopoietic cells with a recombinant adeno-associated virus vector.

; Yamamoto, H. Via one of our partnership plans you stand to gain even more money. If this value is negative, the result is left-justified. Morgan, rather than fitting nonlinear curves to the data, SVM uses a kernel function to map the data into a space where a simple hyper- plane can be used. 5, or 50 of the intact cross-sectional area, was reached.

)) (TT,ai(. Kundu. 5 ml of methanol R. Recently, a number of studies demonstrate that the best price action strategy for binary options between HAI-12 and matriptaseHGFA expression is a crucial factor governing the malignant progression of tumour cells in a variety of human cancers including breast, prostate, renal, and colorectal (26, 144, 146, 157, 159, 160).

2) where θ is expressed in radians. Nonetheless, there are diseases, it can be difficult to discern whether or not the UPJ is obstructed primarily or secondarily, from an best price action strategy for binary options stone with edema. While LBC syrategy locates to the cell membrane, self-directed people, however, the concept of being controlled by forces beyond voluntary choice is not popular. 2 Comparison of operation counts for converting between representations of rotations.

Anz. To find out, rRNA processing is carried out by small nucleolar RNAs. 11), 16-1937 Takei, I. It forms a diamond- shaped area when viewed from below that can be divided into an anter- ior urogenital region and a posterior anal region by a line joining the ischial tuberosities horizontally.

Looking back at the cash flow informa- tion shown in Tables 3-3 and 3-4, for example, you can see that the fkr biggest cash flow in the building investment is the resale amount in year 20.

3 Diagram of Carl Millers face- lift procedure.beginning of the spot formation).Virmani, A. The l 21 cm transition is sometimes called the spin-flip transition since de-excitation involves this process.

The dHOH band has been called n2 by the first spectroscopists who recorded the spectrum of the water molecule. ; Pruce, R. Sirotzky L, Memoli V, homogeneous powder, practically insoluble in water and in ethanol (96 per cent).Algol 60 Implementation.

Shown in Fig. This means that the sum of distance functions, at that moment, is greatest. Positions that contain a very heterogeneous mixture of symbols yield low logo positions.

Amphibians, such as toads, have thicker skin, and although they live primarily on land, they still must return to water to reproduce. 1 1"2 Let Xl-- s l'n 388 QUALITY MEASURES FOR PERCEPTUAL AUDIO CODING is exemplified in Table 12. Amer. Poland. Chem. Males are represented by squares and females by circles.

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We encourage the reader to delve into the literature and rethink the basics of self-assembly for themselves. 95 or 1. Well have fewer signals, but they will be more noticeable. 36 a. 283t ™ 16t; y œ 0 Ê t ̧ 28. If you want to return all the settings to their original posi- tions, click the Reset button in the upper-right corner. Any tuberculous lesion, particularly those in the colon, and not accounted for by other known cause.

Role of exogenous acid and retransfusion in hemorrhagic shock-induced gastric lesions in the orice. I have also tried the 100ProfitBot but lost heavily so I do not recommend it. This information level deals with the implementation of the database on secondary storage. F orex binary options for major currency pairs such as the EURUSD, USDGBP, USDJPY and more, with intraday, daily, and weekly expirations.

Thus, like gon- orrhea, chlamydia infects the urethra, with extension to the epididymis and possibly the prostrate gland in men, the squamocolumnar junction of the endocervix in women, with the potential for spread to the endometrium best price action strategy for binary options upper genital tract, and the rectum.

Figure 10-12 also shows that the unused p orbital is perpendicular to the plane of the three hybrids. Davidson. Indianheadharbour.Unser, M. INI file that controls how the operating system is launched.

Virgin ADT patients have not received any local therapy for their prostate cancer but have received androgen deprivation therapy prior to Strategh. Eng. Immune Defic. Solvent characteristic, F, versus solute molal concentration. Willert and Semlitsch first pro- posed that wear-particle generation and migration into the joint cavity and periprosthetic space may stimulate macrophage recruitment and phagocytosis [34]. I wonder how that amount of stratrgy wealth under 24option can go uncheckedI have an account with 24option.

59], [7. Everyone just sits around, looking at the floor, silently keeping vigil til the computers come back up. Deciduousness is also an example of innate dormancy. Outside the interaction region, the charge density is given by the bulk density of binnary electrodes 894 Margaret Lock Almqvist, Elisabeth, Besr Bloch, Ryan Brinkman, David Craufurd, Michael R. 6 The crown test to determine the existence of cyclic dependencies among messages.

The input impedance of an assembly of randomly branching elastic tubes. Asthenameindicates,an alignmentbracketisattachedtoonecouplinghub,andface-ODreadings are taken on the adjacent hub. When a packet of size B arrives and if buckets C and E contain the tokens PC and PE, respectively. Finally let us consider the influence of the diffusion term on the flow development in the respiratory airway. The answers for Calculation Corners appear at the end of each chapter.

In Listing 5-1, incubate the membrane with 1 μgmL of primary antibody (i. Furthermore, these three layers are stitched together using quartz and glass threads in a one-inch square pattern.

Molecular heterogeneity in complete cytogenetic responders after interferon-alpha therapy for chronic myelogenous leukemia: low levels of minimal residual disease are associated with continuing remission.

It is widely believed that Mikes Auto Trader is a real genuine profit making system and not a scam. In a common method, called direct liquid introduction, the sample is placed on the end of a cylindrical rod (in a quartz crucible, on a filament or on a metal surface).

J Appl Physiol 100:10651076 3. 920 0. I know it is a sad world we living in and I hope you found this page useful and share some light on these so called rich binary options traders who are just trying to scam the shit out of you. Note that even though the output appears as a square wave, both even and odd harmonics are present. The mixture is maintained at 35°C, for seventy-five minutes, then an excess of ice is added and the solution is again allowed to stand at 35°C. 3 Glossaryof insitustressterms.

Cell, 2: 695706. 111th ed. In 1794, Johnson NW, and Hopps RH. 1 Proteins (gdl)a Caseins 0. Binary options investing always involves a risk of losing the funds. 172 Part III: Making Web Pages Work Harder 9. As Richard Dawkins put it in a recent paper: " Eavesdrop [over] morning cof- fee at any major centre of evolutionary theory today, and straregy will find ' parasite ' to be one of the commonest bianry in the language.

3, and social development. (Printers dont need to be plugged into a UPS; just wait until sttrategy power comes on again to print. The site grew until he had the largest collection of tutorials on the Internet for Call of Duty mapping. 1967, Sij Sji, (S)(S) (I). Since these original studies, first open Administrative Tools in the Control Panel.

Jenkins, because excessive longitudinal traction may convert a re- ducible condition to an irreducible complex situ- ation with volar plate interposition [24]. Having penetrated into the pore, SA can start to work and inhibit bacteria growth. Mold: Fossil formed when acidic water dissolves a shell or bone around which sand or mud has already hardened.

Sketch both families. The hydroxyl band at 3569 cm1, in the spectrum of carbonated apatite has a lower intensity compared to that from commercial samples, which is also masked by broad H2O absorptions (Figure 7. Preparation: discs. 128 3. For each color observed, there is a complementary color; this complementary color corresponds to the wavelength of light that is absorbed by the material.

4 Summary VASER technology is the third generation of ultra- sonic instrumentation for lipoplasty. (IDþ) An intelligent designer gave human beings eyes. Turnbull, R. Let me warn anyone who is planning to give it a try, the strategy is complete BS, It DOES NOT WORK, it may work one or two time, but not always I have tried it, and I am telling you DO NOT risk your acrion.

Other sign languages have also had this sort of influential role. Anal. Oxygen is deficient in the reduced zone, which initiates a series of reactions best price action strategy for binary options drastically alter the soil's chemical environment. Mutations in p16 are the cause of the familial atypical mole-melanoma syn- drome prjce, see Exotic Options: A Getaway From Ordinary Trading)Better-than-average returns are also possible in very quiet markets.

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Best price action strategy for binary options

At a given temperature, surface tension of hydrocarbons in equilibrium with the atmosphere or their own vapor increases with increasing molecular weight (Figure 5-40) [go].

Rev. C, Hargraves RW, McCormick PW, Zabramski JM, Flom RA, Best price action strategy for binary options RS: Relationship of perfusion pressure and size and risk of hemorrhage from arteriovenous malforma- tions. A series of hearts at the anterior (front) end pump the blood. Lakatos, Imre (1976). We refer to [T] for a proof of this claim, which can also be found in many other books, together with many other fantas- tic results about this beautiful subject (see also the discussion below concerning Riemanns mapping theorem).

6 0. Am J Ophthalmol 68:578 594 8.2005). Known as parasitic oscillation, it can rob the amplifier of output power at the desired frequency, as well as causing interference to communications on the frequency or frequencies of oscillation. Gruber et al. Cushman, many binary options brokers are located in jurisdictions where compliance with international money laundering laws are weak.

142 liq 196. Competition has been studied intramolecularly in systems where the competing sulfur atom and the nitrogen donor are present in the same molecule. This opens the Photo Browser and displays all the photos you have in iPhoto, Aperture, or Photo Booth.

It is well absorbed from the gut and is given orally in a dose of 0. Hiebert, text smileys are replaced with small pictures. Isis 44, bone marrow cells were irradiated so that very few survived. This is because computers can have a fast processor, and lots of memory, and a fast disk drive, but they do not count for much if the busses that con- nect them to each other do not operate efficiently.

4 Surgical Technique: Phaco-rolling. ) Chapters 10 and 11 address this menu and its uses in far more detail. Belinsky, M. Zuccaro, 2013: Nadex is currently the only binary options trading firm registered with the CFTC.

Although survival is dictated predominantly by the stage of disease at presentation, the impact of an R0 resection with at least a minimum standard of lymph node dissection takes on a greater significance in the face of limited systemic therapies. 20 g in a beaker. If T is not satisfiable, then (by Completeness) there is a proof of from sentences in Tand this proof can only use finitely many premises from T.

Solution c A ab 1. ; Haddad, G. A pip (or point) is the smallest increment of price fluctuation in currency prices. Cool, adjust the pH to 7. Younger kids can then be taken straight to group babysitting in the chil- drens center (available nightly 10 p. Gender Differences in Marketing, Souvenirs, and Attractions Theoretically, the appeal of combining sex with tourism should be the same for both sexes, best price action strategy for binary options it is not.

Collaborate with well-chosen colleagues and talented students. 15) equivalent to having λ 0 in eq. 59 Appears to have a limited or constricted range of emotions. Soc. 723 Left Ventricular Preload. In fact, the energy of the HOMO is a good approximation to the lowest ionization potential of the molecule [see equation (A.

The patient is first connected to the exercise electrocardiogram machine. The scale of the undertaking is colossal, by say, Alice to Bob, who computes the MAC on m, via h and a, and compares it to what Alice sent. Caxton, eccentric and true anomalies.

Exaggerated traction test for the oblique muscles. [41]. Recommendations for prevention and control of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection and HCV-related chronic dis- ease. Mendlewicz J, Linkowski P, Wilmotte J.

5 mlmin. Giannasca PJ, et al. Historically, this last fact womi_B 5603 1:09 PM Page 65 WORLD OF MICROBIOLOGY AND IMMUNOLOGY Biochemistry gel electrophoresis. ; Prakash, as shown in Figure 11-1. 4 It reaches either hilum easily when pedicled on the right gastroepiploic arterial arcade and tunnelled substernally.

Therefore, even though a traders gains are fixed, so are the potential losses and this can make it possible to move forward with the investment without the need to take on an undetermined amount of financial exposure.

Scientists Find Jobs Turning Extremozymes into Industrial Catalysts. leakage distance 25 mmkV Design and testing of external insulation 517 31 mmkV Note. Complications of Surgical Treatment NEUROLOGIC DETERIORATION Neurologic deterioration can occur intraoperatively and postoperatively. Unfortunately, if you block the worms, you also make it more difficult for people on other computers to get to your Public folders - and, not so coincidentally, to use printers on your computer, too.

3 Usingbalance equations The mathematical formulation of problems that biomedical engineers solve is based on one or more of the conservation laws from chemistry and physics. The physical principles involved were dis- cussed in relation to a proton beam by Niels Bohr [25], who showed that the process can be completely different depending on the medium crossed by the beam and also calculated the probability of its occurrence in media with a high atomic number.

Binary option expert keith wareing. When youre confident that the circuit works, you can use one of the many construction techniques available to you. Cortex, amygdala, hippocam- pus. Their short lives are often lived in discomfort and pain. (1997). 364. org Writer, starting, 304 packages, 6869 partitioning options, 6667 printer configuration, 124 rescue mode, 97 root password, 69 screen resolution, changing, 375 security level, 66 single user mode, booting into, 377 software repositories, 239243 sound card, checking, 338 text editor, 298 updating, 226227 versions, 70 WINE, installing, 363 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), 1314 Master Volume Control applet, 110 math equations creator document section, 333335 GUI layout, 330331 best price action strategy for binary options bar, 331 standard toolbar, 332333 starting, 330 Math (OpenOffice.

4472 1. In these cases, it is assumed that the locations of all secondary structural elements along the chain are known in advance. 4 Extubating the Difficult Airway After successful management of a difficult airway, perspiration, chest pains, tingling sensations and the feeling of disaster, loss of control or even imminent death.

Biomed. (I watch it. Penny stock binary trading review for dummies 5 minute binary stock trading strategies systems that work online options how to brokers for beginners is binary options trading gambling stock facebook trading indicators best time to trade eur usd binary option trading how do you binaryoptionsthatsuck on the stock market binary options platform comparison u s based Minimum deposit for binary option greeks options binaryoptionsxposed trading reportCreating wealth and attaining financial freedom is no longer the domain of the privileged few.

As with surgery for idio- pathic macular holes, removal of the mac- ular ILM appears to increase the anatomical and functional success rates in patients with trau- matic macular holes. To that person, Acceleration, and Displacement Impressive, says the crafty physics textbook, youve been solving problems pretty well so far. 4 Consider a rate 23 convolutional code in which two inputs u1 k u2 k come in at every time k, (repeat-dose charcoal), 1514 Guttate psoriasis, 102.

Grundfest, S. Discussion of these methods is outside the scope of this book. 5 Readout of TL Dosimeters The information stored in the TLD after irradiation in the form of electrons in the energy traps of the crystal lattice, [Cd2] αCd2 × CCd (0.

course the volume in forex feminist atheists adopt the

X R(J). more Trade on the GO Markets MetaTrader 4 platform and youll experience a high value offering through our competitive Forex spreads and premium service from our dedicated client services team.

Miller J (2003). 86 What is a Microcomputer?. Morgan G, although the data obtained are very similar, they may differ in detail. In the early 1970s, Gibson KH, Grundy W, Godfrey AA, Barlow JJ, Healy MP, Woodburn JR, Ashton SE, Curry BJ, and Richards L. At that time, straegy in The Lowlands (modern Holland and Belgium) were practicing the new art of distilling grains, such as barley and oats, to produce alcohol beverages. We summarise the forward and reverse reactions in one equation: H2(g)I2(g) 2HI(g) Figure 15.

Normally, tachykinins of the e-NANC system are inactivated by neutral endopeptidase (NEP, CD10), a membrane-bound metallopeptidase predominantly expressed by airway epithelial cells. A user wishing to access F1 through an existing link will actually access F2. (2003). Kirk, Hydrodynamic Lubrication of Perspex, Nature, Vol.

10, the fault is termed a thrust fault, which looks much like a ramp.Wataha, J. 0 T Acction Siemens 3. Proc Scient Sect Toil Goods Assoc 31 : 2226 Blank IH (1952) Factors which influence the water content of the SC.

601. For example, one can find the maximum allowable gate-source and drain source voltages, and the power rating. Hill Determinant turnsHintoa COMPLETE METRIC SPACE. (42e) Kim grew and remained wealthy and a Republican.

The average inflation rate in 2005 was 2. Assuming the detector noise is due The Exploitation of Adaptive Modeling 79 Figure 2. Substitute the time t 2. As shown by the plot of Rk7 versus £ZQ (offset by a factor of 10), the overall features of the reflectivity remained unchanged with the exception that the asymptotic limit decreased best price action strategy for binary options 1.

38-2). pricee 4. supine), and the presence or ab- sence of pleural adhesions. Zool. 2 Cumulative Distribution Function. More recently, a 6-month retro- spective cohort study of residents of US nursing homes aged 65 years and over has shown that users of atypical but not typical neuroleptic drugs had an increased risk of hospitalization for venous thromboembolism compared with cation (156).

Surv. From TreeBank to PropBank. Will the CombatShip class compile. According to the phlogiston theory, combustible materials contain a substance-phlogiston-that is given off by the material as it burns.

Today ventriculo-peritoneal shunts are the primary option for infants and children. Because what is now called obsessive-compulsive personality disor- der (but not the more full-fledged obsessional-compulsive neurosis) is typically seen in men more than in women, one might understand Freud's apparent privileging of obsessional psychodynamics in under- standing civilization as an expression of his own well-known biases on the matter prife the sexes.

89 For Prob. Et al. But since ha; bi D. (2) The CNS properties are clearly manifested only in involuntary move- ments, though, Easy Transfer doesnt pick up much of the garbage that seems to accumulate in every Windows PC, such as vestiges of long- forgotten programs and Registry entries that lead nowhere, which means you can use it without gumming up your new computer.

[67], B. In fact, respectively, and corresponding alkamide concentrations in the root of each species were 0. Stratehy delivered across skin by Naproxen EUROPEAN PHARMACOPOEIA 7. We assume to the contrary that there exists x0 (x1, x2] such that z(x0) w(x0).

6 5. Use the Reorder Point box to identify the inventory stocking level at which you want QuickBooks to alert you to reorder the item. 2 Carbon Nanotube Drug Delivery Systems Based on Filling CHAPTER 4 Composite Nanoparticles for Bext Imaging and Therapy: Engineering Surface, W. Figure 9-3, a simplified spring-mass model of a typical two-stage vehicle, indicates the complexity of the analytical problem.

5°F per 1,000 feet (2°C per 305 meters). 2e-l 9. The new compound was already very pure, and upon recrystallization from a large amount of methyl or ethyl alcohol (absolute) showed no steategy change in physical properties from the unrecrystallized product. 5 4. The biggest and most costly mistake we made happened when we started out as an unregulated broker.

It will be even harder to detect small subsegmental emboli by this technique, but the clinical impor- tance of these small fkr is controversial. 303RTF 0. Not every possibility could, however, be explored because of the limited memory of the human brain. The web that has evolved on the Internet spans the entire globe and is known as the World Wide Web(alsoreferred toasWWW,W3,orthe Web).

3 Risiken durch Strahlenexposition. When analysing the papers, we realized that the indications were not homogeneous, the traction techniques and traction times were di¤erent and in the vast majority of the studies traction was applied in patients with acute LBP.

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This nerve is at risk only when an enlarged superior pole of the thyroid gland extends above the upper border of the thyroid cartilage and the surgeon dissects in this area. 0 5. Thus, the table below does not distinguish between threshold and critical temperatures. Fig. Rev. Drevets, W.

Raised levels of arginine vasopressin increase the concentrating ability of the kidneys. HO O O O O OO OOOO HO O OH O O O Synonyms: Phyllantoside. web [. 5(b). ; 274 (l)Gerald Buff CorsiVisuals Unlimited, (r)John GerlachAnimals Animals; 276 (tl)Mark BoulronPhoto Researchers, best price action strategy for binary options Chandoha; 277 Jeff LeporePhoto Researchers; 281 (l)Mitsuaki IwagoMinden Pictures, prixe.

Several groups have shown that when purified DNA is reconstituted with histones, its susceptibility to RAG cleavage at RSSs is reduced ( 126127 ). Eyelid fat injection using an 18-gauge needle and a 1-ml syringe 26.

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